Here's the simple truth:

Jesus came to save sinners like you and like me.

The Background
The Bible tells of God creating the universe by speaking it into existence. And God doesn’t make mistakes. It was perfect in every way. But in their desire to be like God, Adam and Eve disobeyed God. That disobedience of God is what we call Sin. From that point forward in human history the world has never been the same. The brokenness caused by their sin is replicated over and over generationally. Humanity finds itself in the vicious cycle of sin. People find themselves trying to get free from the brokenness through relationships, drugs, alcohol, and religion. But those things never bring healing. Instead they get snapped back into the vicious cycle of brokenness.

The Remedy
But the good news is that God didn’t leave us to ourselves. He sent his son Jesus Christ to free us from the brokenness of sin. Jesus did that by living a perfect life—a life we aren’t able to live. Jesus died a terrible death on a cross; a death we deserve but don’t have to die. And Jesus was raised to life, overcoming death and the grave. And because Jesus overcame the grave, you can overcome the brokenness.

The bottom line is this: If you will simply own up to your sin and believe that God did what He said He did thru Jesus, then you will be saved! Saved to an eternal life with God. Saved to live in freedom. Saved from brokenness now. Saved to tell others about the good news of Jesus.This is the Gospel. This is the Good News.